Are you really Non-Resident for Tax purposes in the UK?

The best way to determine whether you are really non-resident for tax purposes in the UK is to ask a good tax advisor. A qualified and experienced tax advisor will listen to your circumstances and be able to advise you quickly whether or not you are non-resident for tax purposes in the UK. The Taxman UK has a team of qualified and experienced tax specialists who can advise you on your tax status. We will also help you fill in your UK tax form and make your UK tax return for you, making life less taxing for UK Non-Residents.

Resident or Non-Resident

Many British professionals travel a lot, even during the Covid 19 epidemic, and some of us split our time between one, or more, country for work or personal reasons. Where you work or spend your time and where you get paid are sometimes not the same places.

Life is complicated enough without having to figure out all the details of addresses, times and payments.

A good tax advisor will help to guide you to determining your real tax status. Save yourself time, money and stress with good tax advice from our UK Non-Resident tax specialists at The Taxman UK.

UK Resident or Non-Resident​
Your Tax Status​​

Your Tax Status​

Standard rules for tax residency usually apply for the UK if you spend more than 183 days per year in Great Britain. Short-term work assignments, Covid 19 restrictions, family obligations and even unforeseen crises can mean that you spend more time in the UK than you planned to. With rules and regulations changing all the time it can be time consuming and stressful to figure out for yourself what your own tax status was last year, this year and to plan for what it may be next year. A good tax advisor will be able to do all this for you. Our team of UK Non-Resident tax specialists at The Taxman UK can help you, and your family, to quickly and efficiently determine your tax status at any time of the year. We will listen to your current situation and make a fair assessment of your tax status based on the information that you provide to us, our experience of UK tax residency and the current UK tax rules and regulations.

Non-Resident UK Tax Returns

Once our UK Non-Resident tax specialist has determined your tax status we will be happy to help you fill in the details on your UK Tax Return Form. Knowing what tax information is required and how to present it is our job. We will be pleased to assist you with submitting your tax return and hold your tax records confidentially. If you are a British Citizen who has been working or spending time overseas and is unclear about your tax residency status please don’t hesitate to send us an enquiry at for an initial consultation. Good tax advice will save you time, money and stress wherever you are in the world. The Taxman UK

“Making Life Less Taxing for UK Non-Residents” 

Non-Resident UK Tax Returns ​