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Non-UK Resident Tax: Examples For Guidance For Your Tax Return

Non-UK resident tax examples

If you are Mr. Smith and you live in Malaysia for so many months of the year and you go on flexpatriate business trips and also visit the UK for a few days each year then you are a non-UK resident for tax purposes. Nice and easy. Then if you are Mrs. Jones and you live in Spain but you have a house that you own in the UK and come back to the UK, for whatever reasons, several times a year then there is a certain number of days that you are allowed to be in the UK and, also, you must check that you are non-domicile in the UK too. Now, if you are Dr. Dean and you split your time between the UK and Norway then you may qualify for a split time tax return depending on certain conditions being met. The list of examples goes on, and on.

It can be helpful if you are an oil and gas worker who is often offshore, or you suddenly find yourself back in the UK due to Covid, inheritance, or other sudden changes to your personal or professional life. Non-UK resident tax examples are intended to help you and your loved ones but a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to tax, or anything, may not be clear and useful.

Your non-UK resident tax return

Finding an example that is useful for your own tax case may not be that easy, in fact it may be nearly impossible. Everyone is a unique individual. In fact as a non-UK resident taxpayer you will have a unique UK tax number just to prove it. So if you, or your loved ones, are non-UK resident tax payers and need to calculate your tax payment in the UK you are going to have to create your own example, every year, to make your own non-UK resident tax return.

The easiest way to fill in your non-UK resident tax return is to ask a qualified, experienced non-UK resident tax advisor, like The Taxman UK, to calculate your non-UK resident tax, fill in your tax return and submit it to HMRC, every year. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced non-UK resident tax advisors by sending us an enquiry at for an initial consultation. Good tax advice will save you time, money and stress, whatever your unique non-UK resident tax case may be.  

The Taxman UK  Making Life Less Taxing for non-UK residents”