Non-UK tax residents: Who says you need to make a tax return?

In the UK the onus is generally on the taxpayer to tell HMRC if you think you need to make a tax return. If you, and your loved ones, have been working, or living, overseas for extended periods of time then you will probably be non-UK resident for tax purposes. There are lots of pros and cons for being a UK tax resident or a non-UK tax resident. Depending on your past and present circumstances and your future aspirations, it’s your call to decide whether the benefits outway the costs. If you are concerned about whether you need to make a tax return in the UK, or not, the best way to decide is to ask a good, professional non-UK resident tax advisor, like The Taxman UK, for advice.

Good tax advice for non-UK residents

A non-UK resident tax advisor won’t decide whether it’s best for you and your loved ones to make a tax return but they will advise you of your obligations, and the pros and cons. Your status as a non-UK tax resident may not always be crystal clear. Work and family obligations, bereavements, job loss and sudden developments or even unexpected job offers can change the time and place you spend your fiscal year. Then there is the Covid 19 pandemic. In these turbulent times good tax advice on your tax status is easy to obtain from a good, professional non-UK resident tax advisor, like The Taxman UK.

Save time, money and stress

Many of us have plenty of time on our hands as workloads are reduced due to new norms. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your loved ones to get advice on whether or not to make your non-UK resident tax return. Asking a good, professional tax advisor, like The Taxman UK, to advise you on your non-UK resident tax status, calculate your tax bill, fill in your tax return and file it can be done any time during the tax year. Your personal allowance of £11,850 in 2020/21 can often cover any UK sources of income that you may have, so non-UK residents often need to fully reconcile their positions in a tax return. The sooner you do this the better.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced non-UK resident tax advisors by sending us an enquiry at for an initial consultation. Good tax advice will save you time, money and stress, whether you decide that you need to make a non-UK resident tax return or not.   

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