UK Tax Return Form

Your Appraisal information for the selected tax year ended 5th April. Essentially, details of your income type(s) and allowances, special circumstances that may apply, plus other basic information. Completing this form does not commit you to anything, or cost you anything. The form is designed to be completed in ‘one go’ and this can be easily done within a minute or two. If you are unsure of anything, complete the form as best possible and make any notes in the ‘additional information’ box. Carefully read any guidance notes shown beneath the entries and, if you are sending the form, please do not move off the page within the tab, or refresh it, until you have clicked the Send Form button and the green success message has appeared. Thank you.

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    Enter above the name that you want The Taxman UK to use for general communications. Normally this will be your first name, however, it can be a shortened name, nickname, English name, etc., as preferred.

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    All income, circumstances and allowances as detailed below should apply to the selected tax year. The tax year starts on 6th April in the first year and ends on 5th April in the second year.

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    You must select ALL applicable sources of UK income for the tax year. For instance, if you received UK bank/building society interest, dividends, benefits, etc. you must select these items in addition to your principal income sources. Please check the whole list carefully.

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    Non-Residents do not have to report their foreign income and can select 'None'. If you have arrived in the UK to take up residence, or departed the UK for other residence in the selected tax year (and a 'split year' claim applies), you have to report foreign income received in the 'UK' part of the tax year.

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