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Can You Still File Your UK Tax Return If You Miss The Deadline Date?

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Thursday 28 April 2022
2 years ago

If you’ve missed the 31st January tax return deadline – don’t worry; it happens all the time. According to HMRC, a large number of taxpayers fail to complete their self-assessment tax returns within the deadline every year. 

If you are running late filing your self-assessment tax return, you may be concerned about the consequences and penalties. So in this article, we’re going to take you through some of the issues that can arise as a result of late filing your self-assessment return and how The Taxman UK can help you.

Missing the Deadline

If you cannot pay your Self-assessment tax by the 31st of January deadline, you will incur an interest charge rather than a late penalty if you pay in full or set a Time to Pay arrangement by the 1st of April. As per HMRC norms, the interest charges for late payments will begin from the 1st of February.  

Occasionally, the HMRC makes reasonable considerations in the face of such things as a significant economic crisis or pandemic. For example, at the start of this tax year, the HMRC announced that owing to the hardships caused by the pandemic, the late-fee waiver and tax-paying penalty would be delayed for nearly a month for anyone late filing their self assessement and if they filed online.  

 The Cost Of Being Late

Irrespective of how late you are filing your self-assessment tax return or the size of your income, you will be required to pay a late penalty. It is always a good idea to be aware of your liabilities and better plan your finances. The Taxman UK can help you understand how much you need to pay for filing your self-assessment tax return late.

Penalties for filing tax returns late

  • One day late: A fixed penalty of £100 if you haven’t filed your tax return by 1st of February – 28th of February for this tax year – even though you have no tax to pay. 
  • Three months late: A fixed penalty of £10 per day, adding up to £900. 
  • Six months late: You will need to pay £300 or 5 per cent – whichever is the higher of the two of the amounts of tax that you are due to pay
  • One year late: The same penalty as above. However, if it is a very serious situation, you might have to pay the entirety of the tax amount in one payment.

These late-fee payments are added with one another as you keep delaying your tax return filing. A one-year delay from the deadline can accumulate into a late fee charge of £1,600.

Missed The Filing Deadline?

To avoid the penalty of being late, here are a few things that you can do to appeal against the late fee: 

Tax Reason Not Required 

If you have missed the deadline to file a tax return, you can avoid the penalty by checking if you are required to submit a tax return. For example, if you don’t have reportable income, received capital gains, or profit. If you are not required to file a tax return, you can request HMRC to cancel or withdraw your tax return

However, if your taxable income is from self-employment, you will be due to submit a tax return in the current tax year. Let a tax specialist like The Taxman UK help you determine whether you must pay tax. Our team of professionals are on standby to help resolve all your tax issues. 

Reasonable Reasons For Delay

HMRC has a list of situations where you can appeal for the withdrawal of the late fee penalty. If your explanation is reasonable, you may be able to appeal against the penalty. Here are some of the different reasons that HMRC usually accepts in cases of delay: 

  • Unfortunate death in the family before the deadline
  • Medical reasons hindering your ability to manage your tax affairs
  • Terminal illness
  • Technical issues disabling you from filing tax returns online
  • HRMC online services were down
  • Natural disasters, fire, or robbery
  • Unpredictable postal delivery issues
  • If you have a disability

Invalid Reasons

Here are some of the various reasons HMRC reportedly received that were not reason enough to appeal for an extension or against the penalty charge. So if you’re thinking of using one of these reasons, you should be mindful that they probably won’t be accepted and are unlikely to be considered a valued delay for failing to file your tax return after the deadline date.

  • Relied on another person 
  • The cheque bounced, or the payment failed
  • Mistake in the tax return
  • No reminder from HMRC

Need Help With Your Tax Returns?

Taxes can be confusing and complicated, but not when you have The Taxman UK helping you through the process. Whatever tax-related issues you have, we’re here to help. To learn more about The Taxman UK, visit or contact us by clicking here

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