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Is it against the law if you do not file a UK Tax Return as a Non Resident?

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Friday 25 March 2022
2 years ago

If you are or have been a UK resident, you likely need to file a UK tax return with the HMRC, even if you have lived and worked in a foreign country for extended periods. Generally, you have to pay tax on your UK income even if you no longer live in the UK. Filing a tax return with the HMRC will help you know more about your tax liability. 

Based on your income in the United Kingdom, your tax liability will change. As a non-UK resident, knowing whether you need to pay taxes to avoid high fines and unwanted legal troubles is essential. Tax rules for residents and non-residents in the UK are quite different. So finding the right advice may be difficult.

The best way to know if it is against the law for any individual not filing a tax return in the UK is to consult a professional like The Taxman UK for the right advice.

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Tax Residency Status

Filing A Tax Return In The UK

Tax Returns for Non-UK Resident

Make Life Less Taxing

The Pros Outweigh The Cons

Quality Service At Your Request

Tax Residency Status

When you ask a professional like The Taxman UK for advice, they will first tell you to establish whether you are a tax resident in the UK. Many factors contribute to this status, such as whether you have an income in the UK, and the Taxman UK can guide you through the Statutory Residence test that will help establish if you are required to pay tax on the income.

If you are a Non-UK resident who has to pay tax in the UK, you must compile a tax return. Most people try to determine this by looking up on the internet. But asking a professional like The Taxman UK can help you save time and money by leading you down the right path.

Because establishing your tax residency can be complicated, it is always better to ask someone who knows everything about the UK tax rules. The Taxman UK can help you avoid unexpected taxes and penalties by getting it wrong.


Filing A Tax Return In the UK

It is a part of taxpayers’ duties to pay tax in the UK. However, they can decide to inform HMRC if they need to compile a tax return. By filing a tax return, taxpayers can notify the HMRC of their reportable income and learn about their tax liability or the tax percent they need to file in the upcoming tax year.

Filing a tax return can be complicated, especially if you have never done it before. It shouldn’t be so complex filing your tax return, and that is why you should call The Taxman UK. They specialise in online tax services to foreign, non-UK residents with tax-related services such as filing your tax return.

Tax Returns for Non-UK Resident

You may still need to compile a tax return if you have UK source income, even if you owe no tax. There are some typical scenarios that non-UK residents find themselves paying taxes for, and some of them are:

  • Director of a company or earn profits from a partnership in the UK.
  • UK income from self-employment or other forms of employment
  • Income from UK rentals
  • Capital gains from selling or disposing of UK assets

If any of the above matches your financial situation, you may need to submit a tax return. Speak to a tax specialist like The Taxman UK and learn about your tax situation. Not paying your taxes on time can result in unwanted problems – no one likes that. If you are a non-UK resident, you need to determine if you are a taxpayer. Get in touch with one of our experts today!

We make your tax problems away with quick and easy solutions at unbelievable prices. A whole range of individual tax services is made just for a tailored experience. Full-fill your tax duties in the United Kingdom with The Taxman UK.

Make Life Less Taxing

The Taxman UK specialises in online services for Non-Resident taxpayers, offering an affordable accountancy service tailored to your requirements. We provide the same level of service & expertise that a high-street accountant can offer but at a fraction of the price.

We are dedicated to making your life less taxing by making filing tax returns the most straightforward process. So if you are a non-resident or non-domicile taxpayer looking to submit a tax return without the hassle of unnecessary complications, rely on The Taxman UK to make it easy for you. We provide individual tax services to suit all your tax purposes, such as:

  • Filing your current year tax return
  • Tax returns for the self-employed
  • UK property owners tax 
  • Tax services for business partners
  • Services for individuals with foreign and trust income 
  • Capital gains tax services
  • UK resident tax services 

Compiling tax returns should be easy, and that’s why our tailored services are designed to solve your non-UK resident tax queries. Whatever may be your financial situation, we have an answer for you. Get in touch and find the answers to all your tax queries! We provide quality online taxation services at unbelievable prices.


The Pros Outweigh The Cons

As a non-UK resident, you may be entitled to some tax planning opportunities that you are unaware of. The Taxman UK’s team is always available to help you and your family get your non-resident UK tax needs under control. We can help if you have rental income, work in the UK or receive a pension.

Filing a tax return is the first step towards solving your tax queries. By doing so, you will be aware of your tax needs, if any. Not filing your tax return is a misdirected step and can land you in unwanted scenarios. Here are some top reasons why you should file your tax return with The Taxman UK’s help, especially if you are a non-UK resident:

  • Save money and time by protecting you and your loved ones from misdirected tax advice. 
  • Avoid unnecessary legal situations and hefty fines 
  • Pay your taxes in a scheduled and timely planner
  • Improve your financial planning skills 
  • Plan your tax payment ahead of time
  • Solve your tax queries at home

Quality Service At Your Request

We are a forward-thinking firm of tax advisors providing affordable online taxation services. We will also guide you through the tax implications of working and living outside of the United Kingdom and help ensure that you are not paying more UK tax than you need to. When you sign up for our tax services, here’s what we provide our clients:

  • A comprehensive suite of tax services attending to all your tax needs 
  • A highly specialist team who had previously worked with HMRC, KPMG and Baker Tilly
  • Quick and efficient solutions to your tax troubles

Non-UK residents who receive UK income and gains must pay tax on the income or gains in the UK, even where no taxes are paid in the country of residence. Don’t risk paying too much tax! Contact The Taxman UK by emailing us at [email protected] for an initial consultation.

Want to remain tax compliant and give yourself peace of mind? Get in touch today to find out how much you could save through good tax planning. A well-structured financial plan can ensure that your exposure to UK tax is as low as possible.


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