Don't miss the UK Tax Return deadline: 31st January 2024

How Do UK Self Assessment Tax Returns Compare To Other Countries?

Everyone dislikes paying taxes, and there are complaints everywhere. But is the UK doing it correctly? Do other nations’ systems seem fairer? The underlying questions are always who pays what, whether that is fair, and how tax money is used, and while we would all agree that everyone should pay a reasonable amount in taxes, […]

Why Do We Pay Tax In The UK?

Taxes have been a significant aspect of national life for ages. Without them, funding the nation’s transportation infrastructure, schools, colleges, health, welfare, and other services would be difficult. In addition to these significant areas of spending, money is also provided to help other essential sectors like industry, sports, heritage, and culture. The taxation must be […]

Inheritance Tax And How It Affects Non-UK Residents

The loss of a loved one can be crushing by any stretch of the imagination. But then, to be informed that as the surviving partner, you could be subject to paying 40% in Inheritance Tax on any property, money or possessions that have been left by the deceased is beyond contemplation. So in this article, […]

What ‘Making Tax Digital’ Means To Non-UK Residents

In short, ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD) for Income Tax Self Assessment (ITSA) will apply to individuals from April 2026 if their total gross income from self-employment or property exceeds £10,000 in a tax year. However, before we take a closer look at Making Tax Digital and what it means to non-UK residents, particularly landlords and […]

Can You Still File Your UK Tax Return If You Miss The Deadline Date?

If you’ve missed the 31st January tax return deadline – don’t worry; it happens all the time. According to HMRC, a large number of taxpayers fail to complete their self-assessment tax returns within the deadline every year.  If you are running late filing your self-assessment tax return, you may be concerned about the consequences and penalties. […]

Non-UK Residents And Non-UK Domiciles: The Best Of Both Worlds

As vaccinations become widely available around the world, the reopening of borders will follow and so will an influx of individuals into the UK. If you, and your loved ones, have been enjoying the best of both worlds working whilst earning income in the UK as a non-UK resident landlord, or in other ways, you may be faced with sudden life changes that you cannot control. Job loss, family matters or other considerations may pressure you to change your non-UK tax resident’s status. A good, professional non-UK resident tax advisor, like The Taxman UK, can help you, and your loved ones, to make your non-UK resident tax return so you can keep enjoying the best of both worlds.

Disregarded Income For Non-UK Tax Residents

One of the challenges of filling in a non-UK resident tax return is knowing what you need to report, and what you don’t. If you, or your loved ones, are a non-UK resident but have UK rental income and savings income you need to ask yourself, “Do I need to report this in the UK?” A good, professional non-UK tax advisor, like The Taxman UK, can quickly and easily answer this and any other non-UK tax resident questions you may have.